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3/18/20 COVID-19 UPDATE

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Dear Chamber Members and Partners:

This evening, Mayor Ron Nirenberg issued Declaration of Public Health Emergency Number Four, which will be in effect for the next seven days.

The Declaration is significant in that it dictates that food establishments (i.e. restaurants) may only provide take out, delivery, drive-in, or drive-through services consistent with state and local laws. Any food establishment that provides services under this section must adhere to social distancing required for any waiting area or queue.

In addition, bars, lounges, nightclubs, taverns, private clubs, gyms or health studios, indoor commercial amusement businesses, bowling alleys, bingo parlors, and theaters must close.

The Declaration does not include the closing of:

  • San Antonio International Airport and its operations;

  • Public or private schools, child care facilities, places of worship, and funeral homes;

  • Museums (so long as visitors are generally are not within arm’s length of one another for extended periods);

  • Spaces where 50 or more persons may be in transit or waiting for transit such as bus stops;

  • Office space, hotels, or residential buildings;

  • Grocery stores, shopping malls, outdoor markets, or other retail establishments where large numbers of people are present but it is unusual for them to be within arm’s length of one another for extended periods;

  • Hospitals, medical facilities and shelters; and

  • Jails and detention centers.

Finally, the City is asking that people stay home beginning at 10:00 p.m.

For the text of the Declaration's Emergency Measures, please click here.

Today's action, while designed to minimize the spread of coronavirus, will have far reaching consequences on an already-hurting segment of our local business community and its employees. I would ask that each of you, as members of our business community, do what is within your power to help these struggling businesses by ordering take out, delivery, or using your favorite restaurant's drive-through to help soften the blow.

It is the right thing to do. Thank you!

Richard Perez

President and CEO

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

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