Restaurant Occupancy Clarification

Dear Chamber Members and Partners:

In accordance with Governor Abbott’s Phase One plan to reopen Texas, today restaurants and several other businesses may reopen with restrictions. This week, as restaurants started preparing to reopen, the Chamber received feedback from our Chamber restaurant owners and managers that they were having trouble accommodating the 25% occupancy limitation when factoring in the restaurant’s staff and dine-in customers. As a result, your Chamber quickly raised this issue and worked with several of our advocacy partners to share these concerns across many forums. This morning, we received clarification from Governor Abbott’s office that the 25% limitation is indeed for the number of customers in the restaurant and does not include restaurant employees.

We thank those members of the business community who worked diligently with us to clarify this issue and get restaurants successfully reopened. We are looking forward to playing a major role in the next phases to reopen Texas. As always, your Chamber is hard at work advocating for the needs of our Business Community, and we are committed to working with our members to ensure their success in the recovery period to follow.

Richard Perez

President and CEO

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce